and this shall be the new portrait

i often wonder how much of life is just how you deal with frustation. perhaps thats a pessimistic way to look at things. but i find myself, more often than not, frustrated at a situation and the ensuing situations all bank on how i deal with the situation at hand.

for instance, with my woodcuts. as of late, the artwork i have been creating has all been in the realm of woodcutting. i have chosen woodcutting because of my frustrations with painting. though i really enjoy the process of woodcutting and can foresee the cuts as making great prints... i find that my printing skills are subpar. i spend weeks working on a cut, and am excited about the forthcoming print, only to be let down everytime with my inabilities at printing. i always try to be positive and look for ways to remedy this through research online, in books, contacting artists and teachers who print often, and even look to take classes. but as of late, i am still fruitless in my search. so the next step of my artistic endeavors banks on how i am going to deal with this frustration. i can give up and try something else, or i can try and persevere.

however, i think perseverence necessitates some positive outcome. i feel like sometimes i attempt things too often just to fail. i feel like people need some sort of success every so often to remind them that perseverence and frustration are worthwhile in the end.

at this point, i have spent all day trying to print two prints, and have fallen short. which means, a lot of paper, ink, time and right arm / brandishing strength wasted.

is it better for me to try writing some music? go back to drawing? painting? work on the woodcuts again tomorrow? i am not as of yet sure.

this musing seems pessimistic or downtrodden... and perhaps a lot of these do. but i guess that is the reason for this outlet. there usually isn't the need to write, or too much to write about when things are going well... it's only those frustrating times that i feel i need to explain myself in writing. inasmuch, if one were to read these musings and have no idea of my day to day they might have a warped perspective.

this weekend is martin luther king jr's birthday. here is one of the most selfless people to ever have existed in this country. an example that i perhaps need to pay more attention to. and perhaps then my imbalance of sucess versus failure in art will not weigh so heavily.

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