and this shall be the new portrait

soon this daily musings will have pictures involved. pictures attached. and i'll be able to show all of you things i like to see, or don't like to see, but that i happen to see and photograph. like the lonely roll the other day at the bakery. or how water drips off my fingers. those sort of banal things that people curiouslyl enough love to see all the time. myself included. i do, wonder, however how many are out there that actually read this. i am guessing about 3 people, and not every musing... but selectively throughout their days bored at work or what have you

this past weekend i was able to make some music with my friend mike heinzer. i was able to play some instruments like the nose flute, the fart whistle, the saw, the baritone guitar, the upright bass, the zither, and a few more - in addition to the digital instruments presented in the REASON program. i like to separate myself from the standard guitar as much as possible. its a great instrument - but i know it too well. like i knew led zeppelin too well in 8th grade and had to take a breather from it. if i were smart when i was younger, i would've chosen the alto saxaphone. its a great instrument and one that i think i could get out a lot of what i wanted to do. i also love how sax players only need a beat up horn and 2 reeds or so and they're golden. guitarists need multiple guitars, pedals, amps, chords, and much more. so cumbersome sometimes.

speaking of the saxaphone. i saw it played beautifully last night at the STONE on 2nd and C in Alphabet City here in NYC. Rob Brown was playing with the William Parker quintet. he plays that instrument to my liking. and i loved the quintet... though i think that music can serve multiple purposes and work on a variety of platforms even within the realm of jazz. i guess thats a bit obvious, but sometimes i listen to music for educational purposes (coltrane, khachaturian, etc), sometimes its spiritual (coltrane, gorecki), sometimes its tpure enjoyment (coltrane, sufjan stevens), sometimes its to make sounds that are tough on the ears (coltrane, mike patton) sometimes its to make sounds that are easy on the ears (coltrane, shostakovich piano) sometimes its to boost energy or promote an energy-filled environment (coltrane, atom and his package), sometimes its to maintain a more sullen or quiet mood (coltrane, tom waits).

you can see running rampant through that list is coltrane. i guess thats why i feel like i can never get enough of him. as for the William Parker Quintet, i loved what they did, but it did not fulfill the spiritual end of things as much as Coltrane's music does for me, despite how close the music sometimes sounded.

great music all in all, however, and i plan to go see them more this week.

its about time for me to end this musing as i must return to work and continue with helping design the felix-gonzalez torres book.

to those who continue to read this, they will get better, both in writing and imagery... thanks for reading.

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