and this shall be the new portrait

it is saturday morning... scratch that.... sunday morning and i have arisen from my bed with yet another headache. the color of my phlegm as of late has gone from a yellowish-green to a brownish-grey when i awake. and i am anxiously awaiting the day to not feel ill. i am not talking completely ill, it has just been a few weeks of headaches, throat aches, and body aches that intermittenly come (predominantly strongest in the evenings and mornings) coinciding with a general lack of appetite.

perhaps this slightly un-good feeling is the result of the beautifully un-january-like weather we've been receiving. i do in fact love being able to have the windows open in my apartment living room and hearing the church bells on sunday morning, and seeing kids on bikes and all that stuff. but on a personally-selfish level, i wanted at least one good snowstorm... and on a global level, i am a bit concerned at the warming of the general climate. i have been hearing how this is the warmest year in thousands of years. pretty scary if all the repercussions that movies and crazy scientists tell us is true. i can only hope that good ole W. is going to protect us from the warming atmospheric climate with his scary guns and lots of money... that seems to have been the agenda thus far at solving world problems right?

man!... do i sound crabby. i don't mean to. in fact i am in good spirits. i just finished a long week of working on a PAOLO ROVERSI book called STUDIO and a GUY BOURDIN book called A MESSAGE FOR YOU. this has necessitated 14 hour work days - which have been effective but sometimes tiring.

during this week of work though, i was thinking alot about the concept of momentum. and how the differentiations in two elements' momentum is one of the biggest killers out there. allow me to explain: i saw a tiny box knife on the table at work and i was amazed at how easily it must have been for the people on the September 11th planes to get those aboard and how such a tiny instrument could be responsible for so much death. and then i realized... sure, the tiny blade was the catalyst for the plane crash... but the deaths were caused by the plane... and then i realized that the deaths were not caused by the plane... but moreso by the the velocity and momentum of the plane hitting a stationary building. so it was momentum that killed all those people. and then i started thinking how a bullet resting on a table is not at all problematic to life... but a bullet with a lot of high-velocity momentum is deadly. that theory can be applied to a knife, a real good punch, a fall, and even cancerous cells who have a much faster generative momentum than regular cells. so... momentum is just a thing to not belittle i guess.

on a different note, today i am planning to go see the egon schiele exhibit at the NEUE GALERIE on 82nd and 5th avenue. i used to really like his work, and learned a lot from it as a youth even though i rarely peruse it now... but everytime i see it in person, its "wow!"ing.

i put egon schiele in the classification of gateway artists. by that i mean, necessary artists that pave the way for appreciation of more acquired taste. for instance, pretty much every high school artist has some appreciation for MC Escher. While most artists seem not to really refer to his work in their more "developed" artistic life, he was necessary in appreciating the craft of printmaking and mathematics in art. the same goes with Salvador Dali, Georgia O'Keeffe and of course Schiele.

as a high school artist and again later in life as a high school teacher, i have seen the important role that these artist play in a young artists life. You almost get your appreciation for artists like Duchamp and Ernst via a preceding appreciation of Dali. Same goes with O'Keeffe giving birth to an appreciation of Ellsworth Kelly and the like.

i would say the second tier of gateway artists would then be people like Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Mary Cassatt. People seem to appreciate these artists as a whole during the first few years of college and you can see the evidence of this when perusing dormitory wall posters. when you get a little further away from needing the vehicle of realisic representation to appreciate art easily.

now i know this may seem like a blanket statement, but i feel it to be pretty accurate with regards to what i have come accross thus far.

the same goes for music how liking bands like Phish can get you to appreciate music like Herbie Hancock, which can get you to then appreciate albums like Kind of Blue or Blue Train which then opens up a whole door to great jazz. and while you can look back and say... sheesh, i can't believe i swore by Phish's music as the greatest of improvised music... you can still appreciate it getting you from one point to the next.

as for my own art news. i am going to be showing art in a BERYL SOLLA exhibition in virginia. my part of this exhibition will include prints on pages from an 1871 greek grammar text book. these prints will predominantly be in black white and red in homage to some of the turn of the 20th century russian and germanic artists. i have started two and hope to finish 8 or 9 by the beginning of march. we'll see how fast i can go. i am still searching for the shadowbox frames these are to go in.

i also plan to draw more this week. we shall see how that goes. i have been rekindling my love for JOHN GRAHAM's drawings and the importance of a sketch being possibly a final product.

ok, i think i am going to leave this computer now and hunt for some coffee.

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