and this shall be the new portrait

today was the end of a longer week... both mentally and physically. i am finishing battling a cold as well as other things. recently i was pleased, however, to find that a few folks actually read my writings. david abbott quoted one of these writings in his ever-entertaining and knowledgeable blog, as well as josh powell mentioning he read my writings. i think blogs are a pretty amazing way to pass the time in a more therepeutic way than just surfing the web in your downtime at work.

i have recently been learning a lot about art and printing from two of the masters... francisco de goya and albrecht durer. goya's prints are beautiful both in the conceptual as well as aesthetic angles. prints such as the disasters of war etchings really give me a lot to learn from in so many ways. i have been accused of only appreciating art for its aesthetics and not for the emotive content. but here i think there exists a beautiful balance of the two

i hope my newer woodcuts and drawings to work in a similar way.

albrecht durer's woodcuts also, are a marvel of printing and woodcutting as well as portraying some beautifully iconic imagery. including the image below of the 4 horesemen of the apocolypse. especially the way he portrays clouds is so beautiful. i reference this specifically in one of my more recent woodcuts of MOUNT SAINT VICTOIRE.

this weekend i hope to work on printing the prints for the Charlottesville, VA art show and begin some drawings and ideas for new woodcuts. i need ot get those drawings underway so i can get some woodcutting done during my lunch breaks at work.

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