and this shall be the new portrait

i need to write more about this later... but two things that made my day better...
firstly, i had a dream that i lived in a tiny hut on a tiny island made of one solitary hill. one day as i was lounging in my tiny hut, these two panthers entered - except they were no regular panthers. they had shiny black fur and 15 feet in length. furthermore, their teeth were on the outside of their mouths and pointed outward and slightly back to their eyes.

i feel like these animals would be good competition if there ever were a fight with SPIDER-DEER. another fictitious animal created (this time not in a dream state) by massimo pacchione, aaron gause, and myself. this animal is the stature and resemblance of a normal deer, except it has 6 legs. at the end of each one of these legs is a single knife and these knives make noises as you hear the spider deer approaching. this approach is normally coming down a hall and the spider deer always seems to somehow pull its head around the corner... and then spider-walk the rest of its killing-machine-like body shortly thereafter. very scary... very scary.

and also, in a recent josh powell blog, he reminded me of a word that i had long-forgotten. one that now rings more true. that word is HIRSUTE. i feel that adequately describes what i am becoming... in a semi-regal sense. - thank you josh.

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