and this shall be the new portrait

josh powell does the BLOG quite well. i read his writings daily. and they make me laugh and wish my writings had more silly japanese-english translations, stories about driving across the great north america, and the like. I strongly recommend all those interested, to peruse his blog which is accessible on the PUBLISHED AND PONDERED subpage. Sure, i could link it right now, but that requires me putting in some html that i don't have memorized... so i would have to open up multiple windows, and look it up. and i am not tquite feeling that right now.

recently i purchased a RIGHTGUARD deodorant. i always thought i liked RIGHTGUARD deoodorant up until this round of purchasing. of course i can never remember if i did or did not actually like it for two reasons: (1) my memory is poor and i usually can't remember much past 3 days ago (2) i apparently purchase deodorant more frequently than the average person and i always like to try a new brand or smell... so i get them easily confused. anyway, immediataely after applying this new deodorant, i feel as if i am already sweating. of course this is not possible, unless i applied the deodorant with such vigor and speed that i over-exerted myself... but i believe this to be more the case due to the sticky/wet application process of the actual deodorant stick. obviously this is very anti-productive as i am trying to reduce the sweat with the aforementioned stick... and all it does is give me the horrible feeling that i am already sweating.

and do you know how difficult it is to stop that feeling once its started. its an impenetrable momentum.

this weekend i am traveling north to boston to visit my brother. it has been a long time since i have seen him, and he is soon traveling to Venezuela for a month, then on to Montana for the summer. soon after that, moving back to Philadelphia... making this the last time i am visiting my old Bostonian home. i only lived their briefly, but i am still excited to go see him and the old place.

as for my art production, i have a show coming up in Charlottesville, VA with an old professor of mine Beryl Solla. Beryl has been a great inspiration to me in so many ways and i am excited to get to do some art-related activity with her. the show itself is all about books... and my contribution is 6 prints, shadow-box framed on pages of an 1847 Greek Grammar text book. i have about 2 of the 6 done, and they look ok. i am hoping the finishing of the frames really brings them full swing. the other 4 look good in my head.

i have many ideas for future works, and am ready to get back into much more art-making... but perhaps i am waiting to hear from schools or something to give me such a push.

ok - i feel like i am forcing this writing a bit. so i will stop. more musings to come later.


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