and this shall be the new portrait

Ivan Bilibin. a great artist. a russian illustrator for mostly russian fairy tales. i stumbled upon his work just last night as i got home from a weekend visiting my brother. ( i will talk more about that later... for now - bilibin talk).  i am not exactly sure the medium he uses to color - if its a printing method or a manual coloring - but his drawings are great

he seems to pull from early renaissance, japanese woodblock prints and russian culture pretty seamlessly. i can see becoming familiar with his work will help augment the work i am trying to create. fairly flat and linear - but still quite realistic.

i really like the way he treats the small broken brush in his foregrounds. so simply and yet nails the aesthetic. van gogh could do the same thing with tree stumps and branches.

the pieces also have a similarity to ROBERT GWATHMEY, an artist i used to really like - and still do to some degree. i will certainly look into this man's work further.

another bit of inspiration i've been searching for came into clarity this weekend as i was watching the extras on the criterion collection of Wes Anderson's LIFE AQUATIC. this is a great movie that i feel doesn't get the respect it deserves from perviously die-hard wes anderson fan's.  it seems like anderson decided to switch direction and make a plot-driven movie as opposed to his previous three which seem character-driven. it took me a few watches to fully appreciate it - but it really is a beautiful film in so many ways. anyway, i was watching the MARK MOTHERSBAUGH extras and he showed an instrument he used called a CELESTE (pronounced cheh-LEST). this instrument is like a small piano that uses metal hammers and sounds very much like a music box. i have been looking for such an instrument for a long time hoping one exists and now i have proof. thank you mark mothersbaugh. now i just need to find one cheap and buy it.

another good thing about today is that i finally got the grey pants i've been looking for. they are grey dickies size 32x30. it had been a tough search because my 34x29's were perfect length but a bit wide - and these 32 widths are a bit tight - but they make do. i finally got them and my legs are smiling.

back to my brother... this weekend i went to visit him and julie- and it was great to see them, albeit breif.  we drove the great set of roads through the woods that i used to drive when i lived in massachusetts. and a bunch of other niceties like a lot of space to hang art and work on art. and great slate shingles and thick comforters and such. it was nice to see two people who knew eachother so well, and did so much together and still enjoy it. i long for that sometimes but don't quite no how to do it.

in that capacity i have been sad and lacking as of late. i hope to figure things out and make all right. i hope i achieve a renaissance soon.

i've been learning Bach's Prelude no.12 in F minor. thats been hopeful.

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