and this shall be the new portrait

weekends are really great in the winter. some days the greyness of the light is so slumberful. you can nap all day and it feels so right. i appreciate it much. i have many ideas and much work to do, but i appreciate the winter slumberness as well.

this weekend, as far as activities go, this past friday night i had a nice time at my roomate craig's work watching him finish up editing a commercial. we then ate at a nearby diner and i had the philly-burger. to which we then came home, watched a great couple episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

On saturday, i made it out to the Frick museum for the Goya exhibit. the works shown were considered his "last works" and while only one of them, was considered one of the black paintings, they were beautiful. he has a great way of showing the human face and body in torment. i hope to mimic his style shortly in my prints and use charcoal pencils to get a similar aesthetic of controlled-messiness in drawings.

i particularly liked his experimental miniature paintings on ivory to which he would draw with carbon and scratch into the ivory, and then apply watercolor paint to the surface... very beautiful works indeed.

another work that i was really awed by in person was PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA'S ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST.

which is the image on the left here. the feet in particular were beautiful. i really was reminded the importance of painting involving a lot of layers at this museum. i think its very important to understand a dark undercoat really creates important depth in paintings.  for a long time i only thought of paintings as surface... but they are much more what's underneath that activates the surface layer... sometimes in nuance like durer's portraits... and sometimes very evident such as goya's later works.

i hope to do a woodcut that references Goya's FLEAS IN HIS SHIRT.

this week is also beard shearing week. every year, the week before MARCH 1st, i start shaving off my beard. right now i am sporting the conquistador look of a long pointy moustache and triangle shaped chin hair.

i shall be clean-faced on tuesday, and for the next 6 months.

i am getting tired of writing and have a lot to get to.
upcoming works will be the 6 prints for the PVCC gallery show. some larger scene drawings using carbon paper. and the process piece entitled "MOST OF THE TIME". i need to get to work.

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