and this shall be the new portrait

i thought the name was clever... the title of this daily musing i mean. it doesn't really make that much sense though... but at the very least it made me look at some ingres images i've forgotten. and  i stumbled upon this drawing. i quite like it.

butcher paper is sometimes this color. its a nice color to draw on. 

the weather is starting to let up. i think this to be the last real push of winter this week. duly so, as my beard is completely gone and my barren face needs warmth. this morning i returned to the pool. i really feel great when i get in a morning swim. its hard to get there, but the feel of chlorine slightly embedded in the skin and the muscles just a bit tighter than normal is a good feeling methinks.

i have recently eaten some pretty delicious food at the helm of jacqui lipson. jacqui used to live with my brother up in vermont, wherein i first tasted her cooking via a large wooden bowl full of  bruschetta. since then, i have had the chance to eat a few more of her meals and have become inspired to make my own in the kitchen. this weekend i hope to make a treat that julie melton calls "varunio sandwhiches", after her old roomate. they are quite delicious if my memory serves me correctly.

a few years back, my friend massimo and i planned to drive cross country together. however just before we were to leave i got offered a job up in manhattan and an apartment in brooklyn. this was a very big decision because it was the first real decision post college that i knew would change the course of my life significantly. one big problem with that decision was that it stopped the progress of my travelling across country with massimo. i was hoping to counter this earlier defeat by driving northward with him from san fransisco to oregon. i was, however, snubbed again by "job" and can not go. this makes me very bummed because i would very much like this quality time with a friend, as well as i don't want to lose my ability to just up and do something. i imagine it is a balance, i just think that i need to counter the aforementioned trip constraints soon or the balance will not be so.

well - thats about it for now as far as info goes. i have slowed down on this daily musings writings as i have not much of interest to type - on the other hand i want to keep up with it so those who do read this don't forget to check back.

perhaps i will need to make it more of a two way street and a discussion as opposed to my ranting.
until then... i rant

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