and this shall be the new portrait

thank you adam hopkins. faithful reader and guy-extraordinaire adam hopkins wrote me an email to say to keep  on keeping on. and so i do....  i do adam hopkins.

lent started yesterday - and i never have participated for the entire 40-days of giving up anything... but this year i have decided to give up complaining. i have gotten into the dirty habit of complaining. its a social faux pas that i despise... yet willingly participate in. day two has already posed as difficult... but like doing anything cold turkey... the first few days are rough.

on a different line of thought - i was listening to coltranes 26-2. that guy repeatedly wow's me. i dont think it will ever get old. just when you think you've heard all you can out of a trane song - you listen to it once and really focus on it - and you get blown away.

i have noticed recently that i am always walking either slightly slower or slightly faster than everyone else walking around me. i don't know why i can't move at the same pace as my neighboring walkers... but for some reason or another i have the propensity to diverge from the comforts of group velocity with regards to walking. the same goes with the swim pool - i'm always either moving just fast or just slow for those around me based on the set i am swimming and theirs. i think there's a life lesson in t here somewhere.

on a similar note. i have found it my recent civil duty to subtley fight against social injustices. i am not saying i am doing anything important like cleaning up parks on a regular basis (though we all probably should be)... but i have noticed on my morning and evening commutes that there are those who move about in a way that is selfish and a nuissance to other riders. for instance, this morning the C train was very crowded. and a mid-thirties bulkier man found it necessary to lean against the pole in the middle of the subway car thus stopping an elderly woman from comfortably resting her hand at mid-arm height.  instead she was forced to reach way up to those bars that extend from the ceiling in the car - and while it might not have been THAT big a deal... i felt the subtle uncomfort. 

now i'm probably not going to do anything about it like don quixote might attempt - nothing valiant happening... but what i will do is make this mid-thirties man's travel slightly uncomfortable to establish a better balance of uncomfort. i see this as anti-productive and probably to some extent harmful to my cause - i just more think its funny and must do some good in the name of subtle justice. we're talking subtle here.

similarly, this morning the stairwell to exit the subway was very crowded. and while most people were forming one or one-and-a-half file line in each direction (up and down the stairs) one gentleman kept trying to cut corners and jump the line in front of all of these nice folks.  seeing this, i made it my goal to just ever so slightly impede his progress beyond that of what the rest of the line speed was.  by shifting slightly to the center of the staircase, the gentleman fell into line just behind me and hopefully saw his error.

i see these acts as annoying, but i think also funny and hopefully on the grander scale, someone will learn from it... even if that someone is me.

finally, i just ordered a one-year subscription to the SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE. it was 12 issues for 12$ and the only magazine i could find that might have some relevant information on art history. seriously, if you can find me a magazine thats devoted to art history i will make it worth your while. i have been searching for a long time and the closest i came is the SMITHSONIAN.  on the plus side, it also deals with science, which i also love... i am just hoping the balance and educational aspects of the periodical are interesting enough to maintain a years worth of reading. but for $12 its a steal.

though i have been trying to save money, i swear... its just so hard in this town... and sometimes the small box of sushi just doesn't cut it if you know what i mean?
do you?

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