and this shall be the new portrait

i don't like fashion. i don't really even like the idea of dressing to impress. in fact, its not my thing in the very least... what i have been, however, is on a quest for quite sometime for a solid set of clothing that i can feel comfortable and confident in. this may falsely lead some to believe that i like clothing and that horrible idea of "fashion"... though i tell you it is not the truth.

clothing, as far as i have always been concerned, can have an affect on one's disposition throughout the day. inasmuch, i find it important to find a set of clothes that can aid my daily what-have-yous.

there are, however, some requirements for these clothing articles.  firstly, they must be durable. i hate going clothing shopping, so i want to minimize this as much as possible. also, i think i have the problem of constantly worrying that what i have is getting ruined.  this past weekend my mother bought me a loaf of delicious multi-grain bread. i can't tell you how many times already i have thought that i need to eat it all before it goes stale. i have the same problems with fearing the dustjackets on my books are getting torn, my cd's scratched, and my artwork dinged . also, once i find something i like, i don't ever want it to leave. when my dog scamper died... it was the first realization that things i love are transient by nature. and also... i'm cheap.

secondly, these articles of clothing must not be flashy, and predominantly have found themselves to be dark in color. blues, greys, browns and off-blacks all seem to do the trick.

thirdly, they must be able to work in any daily occasion, be it work, hanging out with friends, or helping my dad cut down the dead branch off the tree in his yard. (i say "his yard" to sound old and grown up, seeing as i live in brooklyn and am 24... but secretly i still think of it as my yard... and as the short cut through brucey simons' to get to mike abbott's quickly).

finally, these clothes must not be stretchable. i hate when clothes stretch and i constantly fear my clothes are stretching... its ridiculous...i know... but i figured i could write it on here.

so far, none of my searches have been 100% succesful. right now, in my arsenal i own a few things that contend for the aforementioned aspects of confidence-aiding clothing.
1. grey dickies - these pants are durable, cheap ($18) and i found a size that fits how i like... and they stay stiff for a while, which i like. i once saw a great picture of picasso hanging a painting of matisse's... these pants fit like those pants in that picture...stiff and old man-like.
2. black peacoat - though they sometimes look silly... i like a good peacoat because its heavy... looks nice... and i can flip up that big collar to stay warm and look like a man of the sea.
3. fruit of the loom white t-shirts - after a washing - these shirts are stiff and fit nicely... though they stretch and are always white... i try to dye them.. but thats a big to-do.

also, i hope my dress to be equivalent to that of an old man.  in fact, everyday as i walk to the subway, there sits an old man on a bench in cuyler-gore park... if we are matching... it usually is a pretty good day.

i guess thats about it for now... clothing is boring... i just thought i'd write about it. i am still searching for a few articles to which are prefect and i can wear for the rest of my life every day and not have to think about them.... just like old men do. i can't wait until i'm 65 in that way.

i am not saying that i search all that often... or really even care.. it was just something on my mind tonight and figure'd i'd write about it. ptsh... i mean.. seriously.... ptshhh... right?

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