and this shall be the new portrait

hand cuts are the greatest. really.
i think that i always will love the way a cut looks on a hand.
a wrist is a totally different thing
that just makes me sad and scared.
but a good cut on the hand is great.
especially when you have to make a special bandage
becuase normal band-aids don't work around hand crevices

this particular cut sits on my thumb.
you can't tell so much here... but its deep.
real deep.

i think i hit muscle with that one.
it bled quite a bit, and made my mom sick
and she ran around looking for butterfly band-aids
and it made my dad funny.
because he's funny when things are chaotic or people seem upset
i think i got that trait from him
and i am really glad about that.

anyway. i thought people might enjoy this.
also.. if you look at the cut with the right angle
paralax really augments the red of the cut
it's quite beautiful i think.

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