and this shall be the new portrait - some simple music from Japan
lullatone's melody maker - the above band made a fun music player - Baltimore friend and bassist extraordinaire - Philadelphia friends foot stomping music - brotherly music of Dutch's and mine - Aaron Gauses music - icelandic composer
gull and more gull - some youtube videos of the only Nate Rappole - Bristol-based electro-musician - Oakland-based, UK-born guitarist/composer - Howe Gelb: Americana-music at its best - Japanese band with many incarnations - Doug Cheatwoods Roanoke-based band
boweryballroom calendar - calendar for some music in NYC
the stone calendar - calendar for some more music in NYC
aquarius records - great online selection of some great music - a blog for some free contemporary music
ghostcapital - Nick Barberry's blog for music knowledge & downloads